3.2.7. Hashtag

Hashtags are an essential feature of social media, and DeFiGram.io is no exception. Our platform's hashtag feature allows users to quickly and easily find content related to specific topics, projects, or events.

When users create a post or story, they can add relevant hashtags to help their content reach a wider audience. Other users can then click on those hashtags to see all the posts related to that topic.

In addition, our platform's algorithm tracks the most popular and trending hashtags in the DeFi community, and displays them on our Trending page. This makes it easy for users to stay up-to-date on the latest news and discussions in the DeFi world.

Overall, DeFiGram.io's hashtag feature is an important tool for users to discover and engage with relevant content, as well as stay informed about the latest trends and topics in the DeFi community.

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