7.2. Future Development and Adaptation

As we continue to develop our platform, we will be focusing on expanding our DeFi offerings. Other DeFi tools that we plan to integrate in the next phases include the NFT marketplace, staking and farming, charts, portfolio tracker, launchpad, market watch, DApp store, and DeFi payment gateway. These tools will be designed to cater to both novice and experienced DeFi users, providing them with a comprehensive suite of tools to manage their investments.

In addition to the DeFi tools, we will continue to develop and enhance the SocialFi features of the platform. The social feed, project profile, user profile, stories, live, hashtag, trending, calendar, and escrow are some of the features that we will develop to create a vibrant and engaging social community around the DeFiGram.io platform.

In the long term, we plan to continuously adapt and evolve our platform based on the needs and feedback of our user base. We will explore new DeFi solutions and integrate them into our ecosystem to further enhance the value proposition for our users. Our ultimate goal is to become the go-to all-in-one DeFi solution that empowers users with unparalleled access to the world of decentralized finance.

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