5.1 Ecosystem Currency

Empire Token is the currency that powers DeFiGram.io. As a deflationary token, it is designed to be usable across all applications within our ecosystem, providing users with a seamless and convenient experience. Our goal is to simplify access to DeFi for everyone, and we believe that Empire is an important part of achieving this.

The DeFi space can be complex and fragmented, which can be a barrier for mainstream adoption. Our solution is to create an environment with all the applications needed to enter the DeFi world, without losing the decentralization factor. We are developing and integrating various use cases into a single application, allowing users to easily access our products and services anytime and anywhere.

The integration of Empire Token into DeFiGram.io encourages the circulation of the token throughout the Empire ecosystem. The token can be used to access exclusive features, such as premium content, discounted services, lower fees, and more. Overall, Empire Token is an integral part of the DeFiGram.io, providing users with a streamlined and secure way to access DeFi services and applications within the application.

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